Upcoming Children’s Events at Centenary


March 26 11:00 Service- Sunday School Students Sing

11:00 3rd Grade Bible Presentation


March 31 Early Bird Discount at Camp Fontanelle


April 9 9:00- Children Sing for Palm Sunday

10:00- Sunday School Open House.

Parents encouraged to attend


April 15 9:30 Easter Egg Hunt


May 21 Last Day of Sunday School


New in 2017:

The Sunday School Students have been asked to sing on the 4th Sunday of each month. We will also collect Nickels for Nigeria on those Sundays. All song practices will happen during Sunday School each week.

January 22: 11:00

February 26: 9:00

March 26: 11:00

April 9- Palm Sunday- 9:00

April 23- 11:00

May 21: 9:00

Pictures from the Christmas Program and other events are available on the church's Shutterfly page. Call the church office for more information.