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Two services June 28 at 9:00 & 11 am.


Sanctuary should be open.

Access will be available at the north doors.

The elevator will NOT be working.



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Electrical Life Safety Installation

Starting April 20 the electrical life safety components will be placed throughout the church.  These components will consist of senors, alarms, and controls.  Most of the system will not be visible except at exits.  The completion date is August 10.


Sprinkler work will begin in the boiler room and tunnel on the east side of the building around April 21. Kitchen work will happen around May 1. The southeast classroom area will start near May 10 with the southwest classrooms following up around May 15. 

The sanctuary work is scheduled to start May 26 and end June 25.


The elevator will be upgraded May 24 to June 22.  The elevator will be available on Sundays during construction.  There will be weekdays when it will be out-of-service.

Overall access

Throughout the process the contractor is going to make as much of the church available on weekends as possible.  Teachers and groups will be informed if there is a conflict and work to relocate activities.  Project conclusion date is August 27, 2015




The Fire Sprinkler and Alarm System Project


 The week after Easter the work will begin on the fire sprinkler and alarm system.  Water will be accessed from the Elk Street side of the church.  Pipes will enter the south side of the church and go to the mechanical room on the north side of the church.  The sanctuary will take priority from Easter to the end of May.  The congregation will most likely have to have worship in the dining room for three to four Sundays because scaffolds will be erected and some pews will be removed.  As the construction moves throughout the building various areas will be restricted.  Announcements will be made and signs posted to to redirect people to appropriate locations.

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