Church Conference

Tuesday, August 5

A church conference will be held on Tuesday, August 5 at 7 P.M. to authorize the development of plans for the sprinkler and alarm systems for the church interior and the gathering of bids.  All members have voice and vote.  It is important to have a respectable turnout since this will be the first conference with our new district superintendent Bill Ritter.

Please read the previous article below which explains why we are having this conference.

The Fire Marshall is requiring the installation of a sprinkler system and an alarm system to the building before any work can be done to the entryway.  Estimated costs for these systems are $264,000.  Since these systems were not a part of the original plans when the finance campaign was conducted, members of the church are being asked to confirm their support for moving forward.  Over half of what has been raised through the Estimates of Giving for payment of the entryway costs will go to these systems.  It is likely that a repair of the existing entryway will be all that will be done after the systems are installed.  A church conference will be called to give approval for the systems and another one to approve work on the entryway.  Dates have not been set.



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