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Wedding Information

  • Centenary United Methodist Church offers for those who seek God's blessing for their wedding the use of the sanctuary. The pastor takes seriously the role of representative of the church and the responsibility of bringing God's blessing on your marriage.

    Counseling session are designed to promote the best communications possible for beginning and sustaining your marriage. It is best that these sessions be arranged with the pastor as early as possible. Remember, the pastor is the one who coordinates the sessions, does the service, and signs the wedding certificate, but it is God who blesses the couple in matrimony.

  • •Date of wedding availability. Set the date as early as possible and not later than (8) weeks. Deposit is $100.00
    •Set a date and time to meet with the pastor for the first of six counseling sessions. Fee is $175.00
    •Pay the fees in full to secure date of wedding. ALL FEES ARE REQUIRED TO BE PAID IN FULL (2) TWO WEEKS BEFORE REHEARSAL DATE.
    •Contact Edna Schmidt if you want the church organist to play (402)645-3332. The fee is $100.00
    •All other musicians, such as a soloist, musicians, are to be contacted by the couple getting married. Accompaniment, rehearsal time and performance fees are paid by the couple.
    •If you want to have a wedding reception or a rehearsal dinner at the church, please contact the United Methodist Women for information about what is available and fees. Church office will provide you a telephone number.
    •Video recording of the wedding is available via the church's system. Please arrange with Terry Terhune as early as possible. The Fee is $200.00
    •If you have audio tapes or discs to be played for the service or have the service videotaped, then there will be an audio technician required. The fee is $50.00
    •The custodian will be present at the rehearsal and the wedding to move furniture and clean the building. The fee is $100.00
    • Cleaning crew to clean the church after the wedding. Fee is $150.00
    • When available, a church wedding planner will be assigned to the wedding. Fee is $100.00
    •Wedding information sheet is to be filled out and given to the pastor at the first counseling session.

  • The pastor of the Centenary United Methodist Church is in charge of all weddings. If you would like a relative or close friend who is an ordained minister to assist with the ceremony, then discuss it with the pastor. If approved, then the pastor will extend an invitation to that minister to assist. The pastor of the Centenary United Methodist Church will make the declaration of marriage.

    The church will schedule no more than two weddings per weekend. If two are scheduled on the same weekend, then extra care is needed to set up and remove rented equipment, decorations, and personal items.

    No rice, birdseed, paper confetti, etc. will be thrown in the church building or outside property.

    Silk flower petals only, no real flower petals, can be used on the center aisle of the sanctuary.

    The Sanctuary, Narthex, Parlor, Conference Room and High School Classroom (behind the stage in the basement) may be used for the wedding.

    The Centenary United Methodist Church is Tobacco, Alcohol, Illegal Drug Fee Campus.

    Tobacco use is not allowed on the church campus as defined by the sidewalks surrounding the church.

    Any member of the wedding party under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be allowed to participate in the wedding.

  • Photographers are to discuss with the pastor what is acceptable before, during, and after the wedding ceremony.

  • Any decorating of the church must be approved by the pastor. Pew Bow Holders that slip over the ends of the pews are available at the church. There are 16 of these and you may attach decorations to them using pipe cleaners. No tape of any kind is to be applied to the woodwork.

    Please check with the church office early in the week of your wedding to schedule the time for decorating the sanctuary. Funeral and church programs have first priority.

    The state fire marshal does not allow the use of hurricane lamps in the sanctuary.

    If you choose to rent or purchase an aisle runner for your wedding, it needs to be 75 feet in length to be secured outside the sanctuary door.

    You have a choice of two sets of candelabra; a wooden set, or a brass set.

  • All fees are to be paid in full no later than (2) two weeks before the rehearsal.

    Make checks payable to Centenary UMC

    --Holding Fee: $100.00. Returned if there is no damage or extraordinary expenses for cleaning and if the rules concerning tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs are observed.
    --Pastor's Fee: $175.00
    --Organist's Fee: $100.00, accompaniment for soloists or musicians is to be negotiated.
    --Custodian's Fee: $100.00
    --Cleaning Crew Fee: $150.00
    --Wedding Planner Fee: $100.00
    --Audio Technician's Fee: $50.00
    --Video Recording Fee: $200.00, includes one video or one disc. Additional fee for more copies.
    --Church's Fee: $0 for members of the Centenary UMC who have been or their immediate family have been members for (12) months before the wedding date. $200.00 for non members.