In 1974 I passed the “No Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving” law.  The vote was unanimous.  Its passage grew out of an increasing frustration with radio and TV stations deciding to play songs about reindeer, sleigh rides, and “chestnuts roasting over an open fire” before the first morsel of Thanksgiving turkey touched my lips.

Despite my best efforts, I quickly discovered I was in a sword fight with only a slingshot in my hand.  While that may have proved effective for a kid named David a few millennia ago, it was useless for me. 

To my chagrin, the sounds and sights of “Christmas before Thanksgiving” have multiplied a thousand-fold since the spring of my high school graduation.  My law is still on the books, but it is completely ignored.  There has been no enforcement of its singular provision.  Its repeat offenders are too numerous to count.  With a heavy heart I have stoically acquiesced to forces more powerful than I.  The burden of carrying “No Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving” seems to be mine alone.

Refusing to give in to the spreading darkness of “the day after”, I am hopeful some who read these words will quietly change the radio station and slip past the Christmas aisles with eyes closed and heads bowed.  Will you stand in the gap with me?  Will you join me in a noble cause to keep Thanksgiving alive?  Will you welcome November 28 with thankful hearts and keep “the day after” ads away from prying eyes?  Will you keep the melody of the day sacred?

Will you stand up for what is right and true?


A Weary, Yet Determined Dreamer