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Pastor Mark’s Musing


On October 2, 1959, a new television show premiered on CBS.  It was called “The Twilight Zone.”  Rod Serling served as executive producer and head writer.  He was also the show’s host and narrator. Delivering monologues at the beginning and end of each episode.  Each episode presented a stand-alone story in which characters find themselves dealing with often disturbing or unusual events, an experience described as entering “The Twilight Zone”.  Episodes often had a surprise ending and a moral.  The show ran for five seasons, from 1959 to 1964 and is still in syndication today.  (Wikipedia)

In my teenage years the show was required viewing every Saturday night.  I did not know 50 years later I would feel like I was living in “The Twilight Zone!”

You may be feeling the same way.  We are certainly living in unusual times.  Over one third of our population is asked to stay at home.  Some of our public hospitals are struggling to care for the sick.  We are confronted by a virus we cannot see and a future that is covered by a thick fog, often making us anxious and afraid.

What can give us hope, strengthen our trust in one another, enliven our care for others and even deepen our faith?  The answer is trusting in God and God’s guidance and in the inspired words of Psalm 46:1-3.


“God is our protection and our strength.  He always helps in times of trouble.  So, we will not be afraid even if the earth shakes, or the mountains fall into the sea, even if the oceans roar and foam, or the mountains shake at the raging sea.” NCV  


      We do not need to wonder if God will be with us in our struggles.  God has been with us in the past and will be with us now.  We can stand strong and stand true in the power of God’s presence!  Quoting Kerry Haynes, a pastor and former mental health worker.


“When trouble comes, quiet yourself before God.  Quiet your soul.  Spend time at the foot of the Master, in quiet submission, waiting on Him.”  He goes on to say, “In the middle of the chaos, we need to take a knee.  To stop what we’re doing, to stop what we’re thinking, to slow down the craziness for a second, think through the next best course of action, and then act upon it.”


      As we continue to live in this temporary “Twilight Zone”, take to heart the moral lessons from this experience: “Slow Down, Stay Calm, Lean on God.”


      I invite everyone to stay well, stay safe, stay home, and keep the faith!