I took my first airplane ride when I was 14.  My older brother was living in California at the time.  He invited us to come and visit.  My mom, dad, sister and I boarded a plane in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to fly to Los Angeles, California.  We entered the plane in the midst of a rainy downpour.   With engines roaring, we left the ground with watery drops beating against the side of the plane.  Looking out the window, all I saw were clouds, mist, and rain. 

            Then something magical happened.  As the plane continued to climb, it broke through the clouds and sunshine flooded the airplane cabin!  No longer hidden by the clouds below, the sun was bright, beautiful, and refreshing.  I thought to myself, “I think I could get used to flying like this!”

            Climbing through the clouds to find the sunshine now serves as a welcome reminder that life’s cloudy experiences are not permanent, but part of our journey.  A journey, when grounded in looking up, that will lead us to the warm sunshine of grace, joy, and peace.  Take a moment to poke your head above the clouds today and welcome the Son.