Summer is here!  June 21 was its official beginning.  The recent temperatures confirm its arrival.  It is hot outside!  However, I made a vow to myself in February I would not complain about summer heat this year.  There is no point in violating my winter vow now.  Although there may be moments when I grumble under my breath when the humidity is high, and the sun is burning bright.

Complaining is much too easy to do.  The stoplight stays red too long and we begin to complain.  The utility bill comes in the mail and we complain about the cost to heat or cool our homes.   Too often we complain the house is too small, the car is too old, the furniture is out of date, and the dollars are too few.   We are often veteran complainers. 

God is quick to instruct us against complaining.  Philippians 2:14 says, “Do all things without grumbling or disputing”.  James 5:9 states, “Do not complain, brethren, against one another, so that you yourselves will not be judged, behold, the Judge is standing right at the door”.  Finally, I Peter 4:9 says, “Be hospitable to one another without complaint”.

Consider offering a word of comfort and encouragement to others to offset the temptation to complain.  The world will be a better place if we do!